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There's nothing like getting a good deal on something you were going to buy anyway...that's ideally how coupons should work. The thing is nowadays advertisers bombard us with so many "Save! Save BIG!" type signs that we end up buying thins JUST because there i coupon for it. Now don't get me wrong, if is useful and crazy cheap I do jump just about any deal I can, still when your on a tight budget unplanned spending is simply no good... even if it is a bargain.

I don't how it works in other states but in Jersey I've found a couple loopholes to the whole system of forced coupon advertisements: I simply go to the places I want to spend and use the discounts they offer. No window shopping for the sake of window shopping or cruising the mall, hit your planned shopping/spendin desitation only. If they have coupons, great, if not...just come back another time. Finding coupons in New Jersey offer budget-savvy moms and shoppers the chance to get the best shopping deals. In tough times like this, we’d want to save as much as we can and the best thing to do is to clip coupons. If you want to make the most out of every opportunity to save, then looking for coupons New Jersey is the best way for you. So, if you can maximize the use of NJ coupons, by all means go ahead and do it. For some people, this might not be necessary. Yet, if you are really practical and you have a hard time making meet ends, you might want to look for coupons New Jersey whenever possible. Thus, this article will give you some tips on the best places to look for these coupons.

Convenience stores

This is one of the most common places to look for manufacturer’s coupons. You just have to make sure that you look for bigger grocery stores where you can buy an item and make the most out of the coupon that you have collected.

Doctor’s Clinic

You can check one out from counters or waiting rooms. You can also check magazines and newspapers. You can also ask the receptionist if they have coupons handed out to them.

Post office

When you pick up your mail in the post office, you might just throw some inserts or other papers lying around. Well, you need to take a closer look at these items. They might be useful coupons. Just try to read each piece and you will be surprised to find a treasure.

Inside actual products

When you buy products in package, you will not see what the items inside are. You only know how many pieces of the items you want to buy are there. However, you need to open the packages carefully since you might find coupons inserted on them. For your next grocery shopping, these coupons might be very valuable.


This is actually an internet marketing strategy. Some companies try to look for more clients by simply sending messages on their emails. The only risk here is that some of these people are mere scammers. Yet, it still pays a lot if you check out your email for coupons every now and then.

Within the aisles of stores

They might be inserted somewhere between the aisles. If not, there might be a special box where all coupons are hidden. Thus, you might want to check every area where you pass by and see some great coupons hidden.

Yes, there are certain places in which coupons NJ can be found. You just have to be more confident in looking for these places and avoid being embarrassed. Great treasures surely await you.

Let The Clippin' Begin

Hey all...this is my first entry so I'll keep it short and sweet. It is I, the Coupon Clippa, here to take you on a wild ride full of extreme couponing adventures. Hey, its a rescission, we all need to save is much as we can...there is SO much money left on the table from unredeemed on mismatched coupon offers I thought I'd create my little journal dedicated to piecing the puzzle together to maximize my savings. Hopefully anyway ready can pick up some tips and even share their on as we journey to stack up the coupons and savings!